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Find Your Place


Finding purpose and meaning in your work while building relationships and community with other working women

Content for small groups: Unleashed: Living a Fully Integrated Life

Facilitator training: Help with starting a new group

WiM Connect events: Quarterly networking opportunities

Blog / podcasts: Inspirational faith and work stories, leadership tips, etc.

Living Bread Fund: Financial support for women in time of struggle

Dough Starter Fund: Financial support for women going to school or starting a business

Education: Leadership training, coaching and small business training


What we offer:

Small Group Study Guides

Starting a weekly small group study at home has never been easier. We will train you on facilitating your group and provide the content and resources you need to get started. It is not about the amount of Bible knowledge you have. You only have to be willing to create the space and guide the discussion using our easy-to-follow study guide. In doing so, you will experience God in the journey.


Work can be lonely, especially for women. We need each other and the Holy Spirit to help us unlock our full potential.

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WiM has joined forces with the Polished Network! Learn more in the Joining Forces blog.
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