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Unite in the Workplace


Increasing engagement, improving culture and building strong teams

The responsibility of running a business is a weighty task. Strategies for making a business profitable and those needed to create a positive culture in which people thrive in their ability to contribute to that success require very different skillsets. Hiring and retaining employees who have passion and are engaged can present even more challenges. Whether your company is all women or both men and women, we can help.

Training: Leadership workshops that are customized to the needs of your team including:

  • Leadership Development 

  • Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Priority Management and Motivation

  • Decision Making

  • And more ...

Speakers: Professional Christian women with extensive business experience who share personal experiences of integrating faith and work

Content for small groups:

Connections: Employees to hire with strong faith and work ethic


What we offer:

Small Group Study Guides

Offering a weekly small group study that will help your employees learn to live an integrated faith and work-life is a great place to start in creating a positive work culture. It will give you the tools needed to unlock the potential in your team. Our Unleashed series is easy to facilitate and will guide the conversation to help unleash the power of the Holy Spirit in your workplace.

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