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Small Group Resources

MISSION: Equip working women to confidently pursue their
faith and career for the glory of God.

The two biggest challenges women in the marketplace who want to honor God with their work face today is a lack of community with like-minded women and guidance for what it looks like to unleash our faith at work. The heartbeat of Women in the Marketplace is to close that gap.

For All Types of Groups


Whether you meet in person or through a digital platform, with coworkers, women from other companies or women from your church, WiM provides resources designed to be easy to follow and with practical insights for women in all types of careers. All studies are designed to be peer-facilitated with little or no homework.

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Starting a Small Group 

Complete the form to learn more about getting a group started and someone from WiM will be happy to answer your questions.


A WiM representative is available to consult with your small group or those interested in getting a group started at no charge.

Download the PDF for simple steps to Start a WiM Small Group in your workplace, church or community.

Download the PDF below for more information to help you Facilitate a WiM Small Group of your own.

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Small Group Content

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Unleashed: Living a Fully Integrated Life

This study was created for time-starved women to help you learn how to find purpose and meaning in your work through your faith by studying what God says about your work in Scripture and discussing it with others.

The study is divided into three sections, providing three studies in one:

  1. Releasing Power and Purpose in Your Work

  2. Building Kingdom Relationships in Your Work

  3. God’s Plan for the Good Life

The Confidence Cornerstone: A Woman's Guide to Fearless Leadership


If you feel isolated and confused about the mixed messages you hear and what the Bible really says about the role of women in the workplace, you are not alone. The struggle for women is real and for Christian women it seems even more complex. Find your confidence to be the leader God created you to be and empowered to take steps toward fulfilling your purpose.

The Confidence Cornerstone will help you:

  • Understand the real need for more women in leadership.

  • Put a name to the obstacles you have faced.

  • Discover practical, biblical solutions to experience a breakthrough in your leadership. 

  • Identify simple steps you can take to create a supportive community.

Small Group Content
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Facilitator Resources

Facilitator Training

Overcoming Stress


Stress is a part of everyday life and shows up at work in varying degrees on a daily basis. However, often times we keep in all inside and try and manage it on our own. Overcoming Stress takes a fresh look at how to recognize the physical and mental symptoms of stress and how to turn to God and each other for peace during those times. Don't just ignore it or try to manage your stress alone. Gather a group of friends or co-workers for this 5-session study and find ways to overcome it together.

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Small groups are at the heart of what we do at Women in the Marketplace. Women in the workplace are hungry for community with like-minded women who want to unleash their faith at work. They want to connect with other women knowing that the time they invest is for a purpose and will help them grow.


When you step up to facilitate a small group, you are providing that opportunity for the women you gather together. We want to support you in planning and facilitating your small group with confidence. 

YouVersion Devotionals

Faith and Work reading plans written for Women in the Marketplace.


We all need daily encouragement and reminders that God is with us in our work and He wants us to unleash our faith through our work. These reading plans can be accessed any time when you need a little boost from God's Word. You can do them on your own or with friends and coworkers. 


You can access these reading plans in the YouVersion Bible app. Browse plans and search for "Women in the Marketplace" or search by title. Select the plan you want to do and click "Start Plan." 

YouVersion Devotionals
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