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Living Bread

Image by Wesual Click

"Here nothing shall be lacking.


Who is weak among you? Let that one lean on another.


Who is rich? Let that one settle another's accounts.

May the one with little to carry help the one with much and let the one with great faith carry the doubter."

Our Living Bread Fund was created to help steward our resources to WiM members who are going through a financial hardship.

Excerpt from The Listening Day, Paul J. Pastor


"The living bread fund made it possible to stay in my home after a year of unemployment/underemployment. I am forever grateful to WiM's mission blossoming in my own life."


Recipient Testimony



Nominate a Woman for the Living Bread Fund

At WiM we come together to share our faith and work but also to walk along side each other in all life's circumstances. When someone is struggling it affects us all. If you know someone in your community who is in financial need, please complete the application by clicking the link below.

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