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At WiM, we believe that Scripture plays a huge part in our spiritual development. We also know that sometimes reading the Bible can feel daunting and disconnected to our everyday lives, especially when we read it alone.


As part of our mission, Women in the Marketplace wants to be a consistent source of encouragement to habitually connect God's Word to work. That is why we are excited to bring you the "God's Word at Work" video podcast!

This year we will seek wisdom in our day-to-day business decisions as we read through the book of Proverbs together. Join host, Jane Doerman every Friday in 2023 to check in, reflect on the weekly passages, and hear stories of working women just like you share how they live out their faith in their workplace. Let's read Scripture and grow together this year!

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WiM has joined forces with the Polished Network! Learn more in the Joining Forces blog.
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