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Ministry Chick: A Resource for Women Working in Ministry

As we continue to celebrate and honor the contributions of women this month, I would like to turn our attention to a particular niche of working women that are near and dear to my heart: working women in ministry. Women involved in this line of work face similar challenges to women who work in the marketplace where work culture and community has a significant impact on their day-to-day work. Whether they are pastors, missionaries, theologians, administrators, account managers, event coordinators, and the like, these women play a vital role in shaping the spiritual landscape for members of the congregations they serve.

Today we have the privilege to interview Melissa Mashburn who has spent over 20 years serving the local church. In addition to her church work, Melissa also leads the Ministry Chick private Facebook group originally founded by Kadi Cole & Company leading over 3,500 women from all over the world. She is author of the book Ministry Chick where she encourages women to find their community, own their leadership and take their step! With a heart for connecting people, Melissa has made it her mission to place individuals together to encourage, strengthen, and build one another up in ministry or business. Join us as we dive deeper into Melissa's incredible journey and learn from her experience.