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Leadership Development for Women at All Levels


WiM Collaboratories

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Modeled after highly effective executive peer groups, now women of all leadership levels have access to a peer group designed just for you.

WiM Collaboratories are a powerful way for women to grow in your leadership with a faith-forward perspective along with other like-minded women. These groups include leadership training along with the opportunity to tap into the perspectives of women from diverse backgrounds as you work through your personal business challenges and goals. 


  • WiM Collaboratories meet monthly for 2 1/2 hours.

  • Each group is limited to 12 women to maximize participation and learning.

  • Quarterly one-on-one meetings are included to support progress and goals.

  • Facilitators have extensive and diverse leadership experience and are highly skilled trainers and coaches.

  • Monthly opportunity to gain wise counsel for navigating tough business challenges. 

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Download an overview of WiM Collaboratories.

Quote from a participant:

"I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I first joined a Collaboratory. What I found is a close-knit group of business leaders who strive to approach their work and family life through a biblical lens. It is a privilege to connect with like-minded business leaders who are navigating a variety of business issues seeking to address them with excellence. We draw on each other's life experiences to expand our thinking and discover innovative solutions that help us become better stewards of our businesses and lives.


The group is made up of people from diverse backgrounds who work in different industries, and have varying perspectives on their faith. The beauty is the unity we share in Christ despite our differences. This experience has taught me the practicality and relevance of the Bible in my work, the importance of community and of partnering with Jesus in all aspects of my leadership." —Jane

WiM Collaboratories are launching in September 2023 in Northwest Arkansas, Cincinnati & northern Kentucky.

WiM has joined forces with the Polished Network! Learn more in the Joining Forces blog.
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