WiM Celebrating Black History | Sustained Resilience

Updated: Mar 24

In the darkest moments

When the presence of the Lord seems out of reach;

The gates of hell have risen with torments

Against my stillness and peace, as the Word does ceaselessly teach.

Pain and favor make strange bedfellows,

Sacrifice and love proceed in might,

But the revelation of both releases joyful bellows

For it reveals dear one that you are the Lords delight.

Distractions will attempt to thwart the Master’s plan.

But steadfast encounter keeps the heart on track!

Fight the good fight for the Kingdom’s clan,

You win when you fight even if you are black.

Jettison on slave ships, and relegation driven by my physical beauty,

My hair, my clothing, my music, my dance, emblems of my ABBA’s love.

A Royal Priest, citizen of a Holy Nation, are my calling and duty

Dear sister, dear brother, whatever the shade of your covering, red is the color that takes us above.

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