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WiM and National Day of Prayer

Women in the Marketplace believes in the power of prayer. So much so that we lead with prayer and make praying with others a priority. Prayer is a beautiful and powerful time with Our Lord. It’s a time to be heard and to listen. It’s a time to be your true authentic undistracted self in the presence of Our Creator. Prayer is always available to us and never goes without notice.

As we approach the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 6th, we encourage you to do a health check on your prayer life. Take this national event as a prompt to check in with God and yourself. Get curious, ask God questions and receive guidance from the Lord as you grow in prayer.

The WIM family will be praying and sharing prayers through our Facebook group on the National Day of Prayer. You can share your prayer requests on our Prayer page. You, your family, our country and the work God is calling us to will be covered in prayer.

Pray on my sisters. When we pray together, we can change the world.

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