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We Are Better Together

“I wish I had known about this group sooner! I have needed this kind of community!”

I had heard that statement from someone at every lunch gathering for Christian women in the workplace we held in Northwest Arkansas. It became clear that many women were hungry for a community of like-minded women who are committed to their faith and bringing their best to their roles at work and all of life. This inspired me to want to help more women find that community, and it is still a big part of what drives me today.

The fact is, isolation leaves us vulnerable. Vulnerable to the lies that our adversary shrewdly plants in our minds. Vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy, fear, wondering if what we do matters. It is so easy to slip into thoughts like, “I’m the only one … struggling, tired, frustrated, who can’t seem to handle all of this change, uncertainty and transition, etc.” Social media only exacerbates the problem. You may be surrounded by people and “connections” but have no one you can openly talk to about the challenges you face.

This is why being part of a small group of like-minded women is vital. Yet too many of us experience being time-starved to one extent or another. It may at first seem like participating in a small group is another thing to add to an already overbooked schedule.