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Use Things, Love People, Worship GOD

In John Mark Comer’s book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, he quotes French sociologist Jean Baudrillard. “In the western world, materialism has become the new, dominant system of meaning. Atheism hasn’t replaced Christianity; shopping has.”

As followers of Christ, our mission and ministry is not to accumulate things. Scripture teaches us how important it is to use things, love people, and worship God. Even Christians have literally bought into the message of the world which is to “fill up our store houses with more stuff.”

The world is doing a fabulous job teaching us that we get our value from what we have accumulated and accomplished. Jesus spent His time with ordinary people, teaching that our value comes from the Father. Follow Jesus’ example and focus on people rather than possessions or position. Hold lightly to things and tightly to Christ and people.

If you could follow me around for one week, you would see what a problem over consumption causes for many and understand why I encourage “becoming minimalish.” My definition of minimalish is, “keep things until they no longer serve a purpose and then release them to bless someone else.”