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Trusting God with Your Work

WiM continues to celebrate a few of the women business owners who are part of the Women in the Marketplace community. This post is an interview with JoVonne Walker, owner of Think About It, LLC.

WiM: Tell us a little about your business. What do you provide? When did you get started?

JW: Think About It, LLC is a marketing consulting firm that provides communications consulting services to non-profit organizations and content marketing coaching to women in the coaching and consulting space. Our goal is to empower our clients to Think ... Think about their clients or community, Think about their service, and Think about what they are telling their clients or community about their service.

I started this business as a side-hustle in 2015. The focus then was to provide content creation and editing services to small businesses. It has since evolved into a full-time coaching and consulting services business.

WiM: What motivated you to start your business?

JW: Prior to launching the side-hustle in 2015, I had served as a volunteer marketing manager at my church for over 9 years. There, I was able to help them with filling events, grassroots marketing campaigns, social media and more. I really enjoyed it and found a passion in the work that I was doing, which prompted me to want to start something of my own. I would often see flyers from small businesses that didn’t present a clear message or had grammar errors, and I wanted to provide services that empowered and enhanced their content. I knew there was more in store for me beyond a side-hustle and I wasn’t really fully passionate about the work I was doing in my 9-5. I decided to follow God’s leading and take a leap into building the business full-time in 2019.

WiM: Who is one woman who has inspired and/or encouraged you in your work?

JW: My mother has been a strong inspiration in everything I do. She has displayed faith not only in our household, but also in the workplace. Every place she has worked has considered her the go-to chaplain. She has never been afraid to pray for her co-workers and leaders regardless of rules that may be set to limit religious expression. She is a true example of what it means to live by faith out loud. Not only that, but she has always been encouraging and my biggest cheerleader.

WiM: How have you seen God’s hand in your work and the growth of your business?

JW: I absolutely have seen God’s hand in my work. There have been many instances, but one in particular happened in my first year of being a full-time entrepreneur. I had just lost my grandmother and was somewhat depressed. On top of that, I hadn’t gotten any new clients in about two months, so my finances were going down. I remember literally crying out to God in surrender of whatever He had for me and about one week later I was introduced to a contract that would give me enough income for the business and to pay me. Because of this, I’ve learned the importance of trusting God to build and expand the business.

WiM: How do you see your work as a means of loving people?

JW: I often like to talk to my coaching clients about building confidence in themselves so that it can be displayed in their brands. Many times, it becomes ministry because I start to share with them how God sees them and how they can bring Him glory in what they do. This brings my clients (and me) encouragement, joy and inspiration.

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