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Proverbs One-Year Reading Plan

Are you looking to bring more purpose and fulfillment to your work life? The book of Proverbs in the Bible has a wealth of wisdom and guidance to offer on this topic. And to help you consistently engage with this powerful and transformative book, we have a free reading plan for you to follow.

Our Proverbs reading plan is designed to take you through the entire book in one year, with daily readings that are manageable and easy to fit into your busy work schedule. Each episode of the God’s Word at Work Podcast will follow this reading plan so you will know what to expect each Friday this year!

Join us each Friday, for the God’s Word at Work Podcast where we will discuss the passages from that week and offer a faith and work devotional thought based on our reading.

By setting aside dedicated time to read and meditate on the words of Proverbs, you'll be able to apply its timeless wisdom to your work life and find greater purpose and fulfillment in what you do. Proverbs offers valuable insights on topics such as hard work, integrity, and the importance of using your talents and abilities for the good of others.

So why wait? Download our free Proverbs reading plan today and start bringing more meaning and purpose to your work life. You'll be glad you did!