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How to Identify and Overcome Workplace Burnout

If you’re battling workplace burnout, you’re in good company. Most professional women I know have struggled with it at some point during their careers. I definitely have. Scripture shows us that this syndrome was even around during biblical times.

For example, I’ve been studying Elijah for the past six months, and this biblical giant had his own issues with on-the-job burnout. He was passionate about his work and survived high-stress situations. His spiritual accomplishments were all at the c-suite level. But none of this exempted him from burnout. Burnout hit at what we would call the height of his career. Many times, that’s when it hits us, too.

So, what exactly is workplace burnout? This syndrome happens when you experience work-related stress over a long period. It’s similar to the story about the frog sitting in a pot of cool water. When the pot goes on the stove, the frog doesn't jump out. The water gets warmer and boils, but then it’s too late for the frog.

Workplace burnout builds over time and affects every part of our well-being: emotional, physical, and spiritual. We don’t take preemptive action because we don’t realize we’re in trouble until the pot boils over and the classic symptoms of burnout appear. We find ourselves: