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God is a Prayer Away

Prayer is not only powerful, it is mandatory for me. It is part of my lifestyle. I have learned over the years that it is important to know how to have a prayer life outside of Sundays and outside of church. Prayer is the opportunity to have a direct connection with God. As Christian women entrepreneurs it is key to know that we can pray and supernaturally get strategies that will impact not only our lives but our business as well.

As I look back on the year that I have had I see where the power of prayer positioned me to be greater mentally, spiritually, emotionally, fiscally and physically. I have had to overcome so much that I never encountered before. This year alone my father passed away, I survived COVID, I have had my income significantly decrease. All of the things that could have caused me to lose control of my mind and my life. But God! Being able to share my most intimate thoughts with Him about all of the areas of my life allowed me to grow and develop despite all of the hurdles that I encountered.