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God is a Prayer Away

Prayer is not only powerful, it is mandatory for me. It is part of my lifestyle. I have learned over the years that it is important to know how to have a prayer life outside of Sundays and outside of church. Prayer is the opportunity to have a direct connection with God. As Christian women entrepreneurs it is key to know that we can pray and supernaturally get strategies that will impact not only our lives but our business as well.

As I look back on the year that I have had I see where the power of prayer positioned me to be greater mentally, spiritually, emotionally, fiscally and physically. I have had to overcome so much that I never encountered before. This year alone my father passed away, I survived COVID, I have had my income significantly decrease. All of the things that could have caused me to lose control of my mind and my life. But God! Being able to share my most intimate thoughts with Him about all of the areas of my life allowed me to grow and develop despite all of the hurdles that I encountered.

I want you to know that prayer is nothing more than communicating. Your heart speaks for you when you pray. You do not even have to say a word. You do not have to close your eyes. You can come to God in full transparency. Some of the things that I have never spoken to another person I have been able to communicate with God. We must remember that God knows it all anyway. So, He is not surprised by anything that we bring to Him. There is nothing that you should be ashamed of. We all miss the mark in life and business.

If you do not know what to specifically pray for, one of the things that I do is just start talking. It does not have to be long. You can talk to God just like were talking a friend at your favorite restaurant. The significance of prayer for me is that we are never alone. Read that sentence one more time. Let it sink in for you. There will be days when life is hard and you do not know how to move forward. You feel stuck and you may not know the words. That is when we need to know we are not alone and that God is literally a prayer away. He is not just in the blessing business, He is in the breakthrough business as well!

I want to remind you of Matthew 6:9-13 which is The Lord’s Prayer. Yes, you may have said this since you were a child. You may even know it by heart. If there is ever a time when you do not know the words to pray you can always look at these words and pray them. They also can serve as a catalyst for you to spark what you specifically need to pray.

My prayer for you today as you read this is for you to know how incredibly powerful you are and how incredibly powerful prayer is. I am always praying for you and for your continued growth. May God continue to bless and keep you.

Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills, The Get Seen & Get Paid Guru, Living The Life I Love, LLC

Dr. Stevii Mills, Stevii Aisha Mills or Just Stevii – whichever name you use to address her, she is sure to respond with respect, grace and a smile. Stevii holds a unique and valuable space in the world – she loves God, business and people – she is a rare combination of expertise, compassion and high-energy, integral work ethic.

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