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Episode 7: Long Term Orientation

Reading: Proverbs 5:7-6:3

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Today we dive into the idea of the long term orientation of wisdom in our work. This means considering how our actions and decisions will affect future generations and being a part of God's long-term plan for building His Kingdom. We must choose between living for immediate satisfaction (Lady Folly) or for honoring God and serving others (Lady Wisdom). Our salvation is based on our relationship with Jesus, and we have an obligation to build His Kingdom now. Which path are you on today?

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If you are looking for a great read to encourage you to grow in your confidence as a leader we recommend The Confidence Cornerstone by Catherine Gates. You’ll be encouraged to find your confidence in being the leader God created you to be and empowered to take steps toward fulfilling your God-given purpose.

If you are looking for a great read to assist you in your journey of integrating faith and work we recommend Wisdom-Based Business by Hannah Stolze which discusses the concept of applying biblical principles and evidence-based research to business in order to create a profitable and purposeful enterprise.

Download the Proverbs in a year reading plan

Recommended books: Wisdom-Based Business by Hannah Stolze

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