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Designing the Journey

In this blog, we interview Dominique Seitz, owner of Designing the Journey.

WiM: Tell us a little about your business. What do you provide? When did you get started?

DS: Designing the Journey is all about creating positive change and having fun along the way. We provide consulting, coaching and training to help businesses and individuals understand, create and navigate change holistically. For the past 6 years, we’ve been helping folks get out of their comfort zone and step into the life they are called to live.

WiM: What motivated you to start your business?

DS: Luckily, I’ve had a front row seat to a lot of change in my life and I learned some important lessons along the way. My motivation to create Designing the Journey started with a nudge to help empower people to thrive through change and not be a victim to it. God allowed experiences in my life to reveal the power of change, the role we have in change and the peace in knowing that He is the constant in an ever-changing world.

WiM: Who is one woman who has inspired and/or encouraged you in your work?

DS: My grandma, Beatrice Keef. Her faith, fun and love was exactly what I needed in each season of life. She taught me how to find happiness in everyday life and inspired me to stand in truth.

WiM: How have you seen God’s hand in your work and the growth of your business?

DS: I could write a book about how I’ve seen God work in my business ... maybe I will someday. From people He has brought into my life, to concepts, ideas and words that I know came directly from Him – there is a constant flow of His presence.

A while back He took me through a season of speaking less and writing more. Honestly, I was a little frustrated with that because I didn’t consider myself a writer and I love to speak. With specific topics on my heart I just followed His lead. Some of what I’ve written has been put out into the world and some hasn’t.

I continue to follow His lead and take note of the nudges to know what to publish and when. His timing is always perfect. It’s amazing to have this library of content to pull from. When I read back through some of this work I know it came from Him. The words, the stories, the meaning―it all came from Him and I am honored that He chose me to do this work.

If He calls us to do the work, He will certainly equip and provide. My biggest lesson in business and in life has been to follow His lead, even when it doesn’t fully make sense.

WiM: How do you see your work as a means of loving people?

DS: Several things come to mind when asked that question, but really for me it’s about meeting people where they are. It’s important to see people for who they are and be careful not to assume or project.

I view change as a holistic endeavor allowing God to flow through us in unique ways and I respect and have love for the different and unexpected ways that He shows up in each person. Being grounded in my truth and loving others in their truth creates a common ground from which we can connect. Oftentimes the catalyst for transformation is finding common ground and sometimes that common ground is recognizing that we have little in common but can still respect and love one another.

Meeting someone where they are in their journey creates space for positive change.

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