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Church Relations--Growing TOGETHER

My dream has always been to equip and empower female leaders to follow Jesus wherever He leads them, no matter what! God has given me a vision for what the whole picture of the Church (Big C) could look like—men and women, strong leaders leading TOGETHER to make GREAT impact in the world around us. After countless meetings with various churches in the Cincinnati Tri-state area here is what I have come to observe—the Church needs to be equipped to serve the needs of working women.

I have personally witnessed hearts awakening through the small groups I have led this past year. Many women expressed this was the first small group they were able to participate in because it was structured in a way that made it possible for them to attend. For the first time these women were seen, celebrated and encouraged by a church small group that reminded them their work matters to God.

Melissa Mashburn, Director of Ministry Chick, a support group for women in ministry leadership, expressed that after experiencing our curriculum she is convinced that the working women niche is one that is overlooked and needs our attention.

We now realize that working women in ministry share similar needs as working women in the marketplace. This realization gave birth to a new project. Our goal is to give working women in ministry space to grow in their leadership and build community TOGETHER so that they can confidently pursue growth in their faith and career for God’s glory.

We are launching our first WiM Workshop Pop Up on September 17th in partnership with Dayspring Church of God Cincinnati. This workshop is designed for women who work in ministry in the church, non-profit or otherwise to provide leadership training, resources to boost the impact of their mission and an opportunity to build a network of women to encourage them in their pursuits.

We are on the verge of something powerful and transformative in the life of women in leadership both in the marketplace and ministry. Transformation requires endurance empowered by the Holy Spirit, rests with patience allowing space for God to move in the process, and requires unconditional grace for ourselves and those we encounter. Women need support just as much as men do so that we can serve and lead TOGETHER. When we do that the impact of our representation of Christ will speak volumes to the communities we serve. That is why partnership with the church is crucial to the success of these endeavors.

We want to host these workshops in churches around the country on a consistent basis so that women can connect AND so the Church can show its devotion to developing women leaders to their full potential.

If you would be interested in learning more about how to connect your local church to our resources, please email me at janedoerman at and let’s have a conversation about next steps.

TOGETHER we can make great impact and shine the light of Jesus in the world around us.

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